Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod

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1 5 Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod

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Product information

<p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod</strong><br /><br />Experience multiplatform GT performance with this official replica SPARCO&reg; wheel rim!<br /><br />The Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod is an official, 1:1 scale replica of the real Sparco&nbsp;P310 wheel. A guarantee of quality, and officially licensed by Sparco, this wheel stands out from its counterparts thanks to its unique &ldquo;double flat&rdquo; shape and ergonomic grip, optimized for the longest and most intense racing sessions. The wheel&rsquo;s carbon-style button supports are inspired by those found on official GT race cars. Its sturdy faceplate is combined with sequential paddle shifters crafted of brushed black aluminum for an eye-catching sporty style. Compatibility with the entire Thrustmaster racing ecosystem is also a huge plus for all gamers who own Thrustmaster accessories: racing wheel bases, pedal sets, handbrakes, shifters and even the BT LED Display and its mounting bracket.<br /><br /><strong>Most important features:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Wheel is 12.2 inches/31&nbsp;cm in diameter: perfect for realistic driving of sports cars</li> <li>Unique &ldquo;double flat&rdquo; flattened oval shape, designed for GT competitions in all categories</li> <li>9 action buttons + 1 D-pad with push button + 2 large wheel-mounted sequential paddle shifters (5.1 inches/13 cm tall): adjustable and 100% metal</li> <li>Tact switch with lifespan of more than 500,000 activations &amp; suede wheel grips</li> <li>Compatible with a wide variety of platforms: PS4/Xbox One/PC (Windows 10, 8, 7) within the Thrustmaster ecosystem: T500 RS, T300 RS Servo Base, T300 RS, T300 GT Edition, T300 Ferrari GTE, T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition, TX Racing Wheel Servo Base, TX Racing Wheel, TX Racing Wheel Leather Edition, TS-XW Racer, TS-PC Racer, T-GT (sold separately)</li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLDS</strong><br /><br />Designed as an official replica of the celebrated Sparco&nbsp;P310 wheel, this wheel rim is a vector for immersion and realism thanks to its ergonomically-designed shape, unique grip and various high-quality materials. It&rsquo;s the perfect solution for gamers searching for lifelike sport-style driving conditions.<br /><br /><strong>DESIGNED FOR GT PERFORMANCE</strong><br /><br />With easy access to nine action buttons, two 100% metal paddle shifters and one D-pad with push button, gamers will love having such a wide variety of controls right at their fingertips. The wheel has everything you need to improve your hot lap times and break records more quickly than ever before, under the best possible conditions.<br /><br /><strong>MULTIPLATFORM FOR THE THRUSTMASTER ECOSYSTEM</strong><br /><br />The TM COMPETITION WHEEL Add-On Sparco P310 Mod has been designed with multiplatform use in mind (PC/PS4/Xbox One), and is compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheel bases: TX and T300 servo bases, T-GT, TS-XW and even TS-PC Racer (sold separately).</p> <p style="text-align: justify;"><strong>BOX CONTENTS:</strong></p> <ul> <li>1 detachable wheel for compatible Thrustmaster racing wheel bases</li> <li>User guide</li> <li>Warranty information</li> </ul>
Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod


  • Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod
  • Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod
  • Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod
  • Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod
  • Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod
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What our customers think of Thrustmaster Competition Wheel Add-On Sparco P310 Mod:

  • Best add-on for a Thrustmaster wheelbase
    Totte - Sweden
    Price / Quality
    I've owned a T500RS since 2009 and this is hands down my favorite wheel experience so far. The Alcantara feels really nice with both gloves and without gloves when playing Dirt or GT Sport. Since the wheel is a 1:1 replica you get a more precise feeling when you start turning the wheel.

    It comes with a pretty big price tag and I hesitated for after trying it for the first time it instantly became my favorite. This is my fourth Thrustmaster add-on that I own and my favorite so far. I highly recommend you to buy it, especially from playseat since they're the cheapest one's in Europe and they delivered it to Sweden for free within three days!
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