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Product information

Playseat® Sensation PRO - FIA

This is the FIA edition of the Playseat® Sensation PRO series, for all motorsports fans who want an unparalleled racing experience! The Playseat® Sensation PRO - FIA is an official licensed racing simulator with the official FIA logos and decals on the high quality black Alcantara upholstery, black coated steel frame and blue back of the robust fiber bucket seat. Alcantara is the coating material that is used for chairs in real racing cars, for the real racing experience!


Drive like a Rally driver at home with the new and improved Playseat® Sensation PRO. With it’s sturdy frame and solid stance, you won’t move an inch when you’re driving  a rally stage. The Sensation PRO from Playseat® is used and endorsed by a number of WRC and FIA drivers. These professional drivers underline these unique qualities of the Playseat® Sensation PRO and confirm that this racing simulator portrays the feeling of driving a racecar accurately!


The Playseat® Sensation PRO is completely adjustable to players of all shapes and sizes. The distance between the pedals and the wheel is easily adjusted, giving you the best seating position for your body. The improved pedal plate can sustain high amounts of braking force, which makes the Playseat® Sensation PRO especially qualified for the most fanatic simracers. The wheelbase supports almost all popular steering wheels on the market right now. It withstands a huge amount of force, which means the Playseat® Sensation PRO is also compatible with all Direct Drive wheels.


If you’re ready to race on a whole other level, you need the Playseat® Sensation PRO!


Key features:

  • Works with PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch, Mac and Linux
  • Compatible with almost all steering wheels and pedal sets on the market (e.g. Logitech, Thrustmaster en Fanatec)
  • Also compatible with all Direct Drive steering wheels on the market (e.g. SimSteering, Heusinkveld, Simucube)
  • Improved wheelbase supports Direct Drive wheels – Additional braces are sold separately
  • Improvedy, strengthened pedal support for maximum control
  • Patented light and durable system
  • Superior quality, stability and comfort
  • Extremely strong steel frame
  • Powdercoated, industrial grade matte black frame
  • Alcantara seat
  • Adjustable seat and wheelbase


  • Ideal length driver:
    • Minimum 120 cm / 47 inches
    • Maximum 220 cm / 87 inches
  • Ideal weight driver:
    • Minimum 20 kg / 47 lbs
    • Maximum 122 kg / 270 lbs
  • Measurements (LxWxH):
    • 150x63x94 cm / 59.1x24.8x37.0 inches
  • Heigth back support: 87 cm / 34.25 inches
  • Heigth seating: 6,5-37 cm / 2.56-14.57 inches
  • Width seating: 38 cm / 14.96 inches
  • Depth seating: 37-55 cm / 14.57-19.69 inches
  • Weight: 38 kg / 83.77 lbs


  • Measurements:
    • Box 1 (frame) 115x25x70 cm
    • Box 2 (seating) 105x55x67 cm
  • Weight:
    • Box 1 (frame) 27 kg
    • Box 2 (seating) 11 kg
  • Manual and warranty license included
Playseat® Sensation Pro - FIA
  • All Playseat® chairs are compatible with all wheels and pedals!


  • Playseat® Sensation PRO - FIA
  • Playseat® Sensation PRO - FIA
  • Compatible with all steering wheels & pedals
  • No tools needed / set up in 10 minutes
  • Compatible with all consoles
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What our customers think of Playseat® Sensation PRO - FIA:

  • Playseat
    Price / Quality
    amazing race feeling; totally nice...!!
  • The perfect cockpit!
    Johnni05 - Denmark
    Price / Quality
    I have just a week ago received my Playseat Sensation Pro – Black.
    I had a little problem with the brass part. I had to turn a tenth of a mm of the brass part to put I through the frame holes. Beside that it only took about 20 min. to assemble.
    Before my Sensation Pro a used a Playseat Evolution – Black. I have a Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 and Fanatec ClubSport v3. I have had a lot of fun and have thought it was perfect for me. BUT I WAS WRONG!
    The switch to Sensation Pro has been like night and day. Especially the braking has been so much more precise, and my lap times got so much more the same time and time again.
    The steering also got more fine-tuned.
    I can only imagine that it is because of the stiffness of the whole rig.

    I must say. If you like simracing and take it a bit serious and can afford the big price jump compared to Evolution and others. Then it will make your racing so much more realistic and fun!!
  • Matin - Germany
    Price / Quality
    There is nothing better than the model. Had the Playseat Challenge before, even then I was satisfied. But the Sensation Pro is amazing. Now you have a better feeling for driving because everything is just right in terms of comfort. I would recommend it to everybody.
  • Amazing product, quality and customer service
    Guillaume - United Kingdom
    Price / Quality
    Amazing product, quality and customer service.

    Overall: Wow! makes you feel like you are seating in a hyper car... We are always a bit skeptical before buying something expensive on internet but this one did not disappoint but exceeded my expectation. Feel special every time I get in it. Well done Playseat to add a lot to the immersive world of SimRacing.

    Price/Quality: I have made a lot of researches for couple of weeks pre-purchase and so many people (non-owner of a playseat) It’s too expensive, you can get better for half the price... but after trying few other rigs, I can tell you that I would buy it over and over again!
    No other rig will give you this level of quality and build, from the packages to the screws. You really feel the premium and it feels good!
    Easy to unpack, super easy and straight forward assembly with a clear and well thought build guide.

    Comfort: at early stage (few hours used so far) it feels very comfortable, hold your back properly. The level of quick adjustment is really the highlight!

    Design: the first buying factor, you get what you see. It’s bad ass good looking!

    Fun: “immersive, easy, flexible, looking good“ yeah... it’s super FUN!

    I would also like to highlight the amazing customer service, had couple of question before I bought it and they have responded promptly with all the details I wanted to know.

    Quick delivery too.(3 working days)

    An happy customer! to anyone who is just thinking about it, just go for it.

    Many thanks,

  • webi - Switzerland
    Price / Quality
    amazing race feeling; totally nice...!!
  • Mario - Germany
    Price / Quality

    Playseat revolution, Playseat evolution, RSEAT N1 RS1, VISIONRACER, But nothing is sturdy and adjustable as the Sensation Pro. I would buy it again for shure.
  • 6 user reviews | Back to top

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