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With our racing simulators, the thrills keep coming and coming in waves. With every tight corner, you feel like you’re actually IN the game. whether you’re into rally, DTM or F1, it will feel like you’re burning rubber down a real track. Your sim racing cockpit will be the epicentre for fun realistic racing from now on.

14 items

Looking for hyper-real action on the track? These race simulators deliver the thrills and spills every second. Feel that tingle? The one that travels right down your spine then hits the rest you? That’s your body giving you a challenge if you choose to accept it: Go, live the fast life and feel this on a gloriously regular basis.


At PlayseatStore, we start with this emotional response, and then we bake that feeling into all our sim racing rigs. This is the only way we can appeal to such a global audience of racing fans.


We’ve even brought on loads of professional drivers to help us on this mission. They’ve chipped in their thoughts as we’ve designed entire race simulators. They appreciate the attention to detail and the high-quality materials we’ve used. After testing our chairs, professional drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Valtteri Bottas as well as Tim and Tom Coronel give us great feedback. They love that everything just works and works well regardless of whatever racing simulator setup they choose.


That’s just what the veterans think. Now ask the youngest Formula 1 driver ever Max Verstappen what he thinks about our sim racing rigs? We hope he’ll say we’ve nailed the position and feeling of driving his final lap in Abu Dhabi? Knowing Max, we’re sure it’s helpful that all our chairs are compatible with whatever wheels and pedals he wants to use.


So if the drivers and their obsession with our racing simulator cockpits isn’t all your top priority, maybe it’s the games themselves? We’ve secured official license deals for our racing simulators with Red Bull Racing Esports, Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, WRC, Project CARS and NASCAR. More to come.

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Compatible with all wheels and pedals