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If you’re really into a game, you sometimes feel like you’re actually IN the game, right? We get this feeling all the time and that’s why we’ve made gaming chairs that help you stay in this mode. For us, it all starts with having a comfortable seating position that moves with you as you twist, turn and totally dominate whatever you’re up against. Even better, we’ve made our gaming chairs out of only the best materials so gaming for hours past your bed time is all together doable even if you haven’t had a proper bedtime in years.

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What if a chair seemed to shape-shift to support your every move whether you’re gaming on a PC, mobile or console? Sounds a bit over the top and maybe it is but we dare you to have a proper go on a Playseat® Champ PUMA or NBA. Or maybe you’re not ready for the best gaming chair ever? Look at us taunting you here. Perhaps this whole world is a new thing to you? Well, welcome then. Welcome to a better way to stay fully focused on destroying your friends virtually or preferably, when they’re in the same room.


With our gaming chairs, you’ll be more in control. You’ll be in a better seating position. You’ll score a ton more points. You’ll finish stronger. This is as close to complete freedom of movement as you possibly can get.


Sure, we’ve got some technology to help us achieve these heady heights for you. There’s our MotionForce™ base. Yes, that’s our fancy name for some rubber feet that ensures you stay stable. Here let’s set up a scenario for you. Let’s say you’re bringing your A Game to your new gaming office chair. No, wait, maybe you see it more as a computer gaming chair. Fine. Either way, you’ve set it up in just a few seconds, and it’s GAME ON. It’s time to let the gaming chair become one with you. Corny, we know but there’s some truth to it.


And after too many hours to count of straight gaming, you’ll need to take a break. Watch how this chair magically transforms into the perfect lounger for streaming YouTube clips of gamers who are even better than you to make you insanely jealous so then you just get back to your gaming moments later.

Dark blue banner with the light blue design of Playseat®

Compatible with all wheels and pedals