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Formula Racing

Let’s say you are day dreaming about race glory. You climb into that famous low-sloping F1 racing cockpit of yours. You tear down the track at blisteringly fast speeds. Wake up. You’re actually in your gaming room. What you’re feeling is equally as real though. You obviously know F1, and simulators as well. No, they’re not all created equal, are they? The ones you’ll find here are designed and developed with actual F1 drivers and their teams. With our Playseat® Formula series, we’ve nailed the single-seater. This is your F1 simulator. Find out. Get behind the wheel.

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What’s it like being behind the wheel of one of our F1 simulator cockpits? Ask anyone. Maybe get their opinion the moment they climb out after a winning race. Ask them when the blood’s still rushing to their heads. They’ll tell you this is one of the best F1 gaming simulators around. Sure, they’ve sunk thousands of hours into cutting a half-second off the clock to get just that little bit better.


But what do they know about F1 simulators, right? Don’t take their word for it? Maybe ask a professional driver instead. Bet you can find a video online with Max Verstappen, the youngest F1 driver and Grand Prix winner ever. He may be singing our praises while he’s actually testing out one of our top Formula 1 simulators.


Don’t value youth? Sorry, Max. Ask a veteran about any of our F1 simulators then. How about F1 champion Sebastian Vettel, Sébastien Buemi or Mark Webber? Along with Max, they’ve all helped us design chairs that produce that freakishly similar feeling of being in a real F1 car. Just ask any of them how many hours they log at home practicing in their F1 sim rigs to be better on the real track.


What are a few of the reasons for this obsession with our F1 racing cockpits? The fact that you can adjust all our chairs in so many different ways to find your best driving position? The design and the high-quality materials we use? The stability and comfort? Last but not least, maybe it’s because all our F1 racing simulators are compatible with all wheels and pedals on the market. Yes to all of the above.

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Compatible with all wheels and pedals