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Flight Simulation

Watch your flight simulation skills soar to extreme heights. It’s time to pilot that 747 or land that war plane thanks to your realistic vantage point in your Playseat® Air Force chair. This is not your average flight simulator seat. Well, that’s what the Air Force tells us. They use us for their Flight School, and we’re told that pilots get so hooked they don’t want to exit the atmosphere. Of course, we could remind them that they’re just on a flight simulator on the ground but why ruin the gripping experience.

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Today’s made for a dogfight in a canyon between two fighter jets right? If you call yourself a true flight simulator fan you’ll agree to this and or at least a few aerial battles before breakfast right? Your mission here is simple: Join our flight simulator school. Welcome, pilots, to Playseat® Air Force. This flight sim chair is your new home.


Okay, so maybe fighter jets aren’t your ideal reason to invest in a flight sim setup? Fine, so maybe you’re more into safely landing a Boeing 747? Fine. Our flight simulator cockpits don’t play favourites. They can take combat and commercial alike. In fact, they’re made for a ton of both.


Regardless of your flight sim setup, you’ll love the fact that our chairs feature extra strong, lightweight, powder coated tubular steel frames with high-tension spring and wire system. Wow, what a mouthful. That means your flight simulator cockpit can handle even the most intense flights and dogfights. The high-profile side bolsters are made of ultra high-density foam and fully upholstered synthetic leather with reinforcements in the high wearing areas. 


If “Sort out game room’s flight simulator setup” is high on your To-Do list, then you’ve come to the right site. You’ll be able to take advantage of our superior build quality, stability and comfort. You’ll actually feel it immediately in fact. We’ve spent decades thinking this through to make sure you’re dedicated for years to your flight simulator rig whichever one you choose.

Dark blue banner with the light blue design of Playseat®

Compatible with all wheels and pedals