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Direct Drive Compatible

If you’re looking for unrivalled real-track realism, you’re looking in the right bit of this site. You need a Direct Drive wheelbase that offers this and more. You need to feel like you’re really IN the game, so your wheel must be able to handle a high amount of force feedback. Lucky for you, at PlayseatStore we have a brilliant selection of sim racing chairs that are so sturdy they can support these popular Direct Drive wheelbases with ease. That way, you can be absolutely sure you’ll get the most out of your sim racing rig.

10 items

Countless thousands swear by it, so what is this Direct Drive base they keep raving about? As you probably know, this special type of wheel is now a vital part of sim racing set-ups worldwide. This is not just for the sim racing pros who live and breathe racing and just want to shave another half-second off their time. Race track realism is within reach for amateurs too. Because the moment you grip the wheel and feel the force feedback vibrate as you turn a corner, you’ll want that feeling. For many, it’s worth paying more for.


Technically, this type of Direct Drive wheelbase must be carefully considered however. Why? Simply, coping with this higher amount of feedback regularly can damage the equipment you’ve mounted your wheel on. Regular sim wheel base or Direct Drive one, it’s your choice, but please make sure you consider the sturdiness of the setup. If it's not strong enough, weaker sim racing seats will break under the pressure.


To make sure you pick a chair that's compatible with a Direct Drive base, we’ve picked a selection of Playseat® ones that will keep you feeling like you’re actually IN the game. Of course, all of our chairs are built exceptionally well so keep in mind that these ones are designed from the ground up to support Direct Drive wheelbases. They will definitely offer the absolute best experience.

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Compatible with all wheels and pedals