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When we say worldwide shipping, we mean worldwide shipping!

We'll take good care of your order!
Shipping reviewsWhen you place an order at PlayseatStore, you will have your product(s) at home as fast as possible, no matter where you live! That's because we always choose the quickest way of transport and work with international transport companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and more, to assure a fast and secure delivery.

As soon as you place an order we start processing it. Someone at the PlayseatStore office verifies your order and sends it to the depot. Here your products are packaged for safe transport and are sent on their way as soon as possible. We really try to speed things up as much as we can and therefore you receive your order within 48 hours, anywhere in the world.

Follow the journey of your order
When you order is checked in, you receive a tracking code. This way you can follow the journey of your order and see when it’s scheduled for delivery. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us!

Special whishes
If you have any special whishes or needs regarding the delivery of your order, feel free to contact us at

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