Pricing Policy

PlayseatStore is one of the largest distributors of game seats and related equipment in the world. We can send products all of the world to provide everyone with the ultimate gaming experience. PlayseatStore can offer our customers the most competitive prices to be found anywhere, mainly because of our collaborations with Playseat® and for example Logitech and Thrustmaster.


Pricing Errors

Although PlayseatStore strives to provide accurate prices and product descriptions it is still possible that there are mistakes on our websites. Prices and quantities may change without notice. PlayseatStore reserves the right to limit orders based on out of stock situations, pricing and description errors.

Orders received by PlayseatStore are not consider final until order has been manually verified for accuracy. PlayseatStore is not liable for pricing errors that are a result of data synchronization problems, database corruption, malicious activity or any other cause that results in inaccurate "fair-market" value pricing.

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