Slightly Mad Studios has surprised us slightly with Project CARS, the game made by racers, for racers. This community-driven project will be released in November and we are looking forward to see if these indie developers can compete with the biggest race game franchises of this moment. For know it sure looks as if they will!

The game play, graphics and detail are great and the content is quite impressive, with more than 60 licensed cars and 35 tracks. In Project CARS you can climb the motorsport ranks quickly to claim the ultimate prize and dominate one particular motorsport defiantly against all challengers. Or, you can become a multi-discipline master and prove you can compete in all forms of racing. For this game it doesn’t matter if you love one or all motorsports; this truly is the game made by sim racers, for all sim racers!

Project CARS: made by racers, for racers

If you complete all three Historic Goals you'll be on your way to entering the Hall of Fame alongside your heroes! And there’s no better way of reaching glory when racing in your favorite cars, while sitting in one of our Playseat® racing chairs. Be sure to take a look; there is a Playseat® bucket seatfor everyone!

Project CARS will be available this November, for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Wii U.