Playseat® is announcing three brand new gaming chairs! Playseat® TopGear Xtreme Elite, Playseat® TopGear Evolution and the Playseat® and Playseat® TopGear Office seat will make their debut at the E3 2014 expo in Los Angeles.

There will also be a special simulator: the Playseat® Motion. So if you can't be at E3, be sure to watch our news and product pages for all these new products!

Playseat® Motion

Playseat® will be introducing its first ever motion simulator at E3 2014! Designed specifically for Playseat® brand seats and engineered with some of the finest motion coding technology available in the industry the Playseat® Motion takes the Playseat® simulation experience to an insane new level! Stop by and check it out first hand!
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Playseat® TOPGEAR Xtreme Elite
The Playseat® Xtreme Elite is the perfect solution for all in one fixed setups for gaming centers, traveling events and promotions! Features the framework needed to easily setup and transport the Playseat® simulation racing experience wherever it needs to go!
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Playseat® TOPGEAR Edition Evolution
Playseat® is pleased to announce its partnership with BBC's Top Gear and will be debuting the new Top Gear Edition Playseat® Evolution at E3! Top Gear fans rejoice!
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Playseat® TOPGEAR Office seat
The new TopGear branded Playseat® Office seat will be shown for the first time at E3! A must for every TopGear fan who wants to sit comfortably in their office.
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Playseat® ProKit 2.0
The new Playseat® ProKit 2.0 TV/Monitor screen support accessory will be debuted at E3! The new stand alone accessory now supports TV's up to 40" and larger and allows for 3-screen setups.