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Thrustmaster GT

When Gran Turismo released their announcement trailer at the Copper Box Arena in London they had Playseat® F1 racing simulators on stage to give visitors the opportunity to play the new Gran Turismo Sport the best way possible. Amongst all the awesome racing hardware at the event, there was a special exhibit: the new Thrustmaster Gran Turismo wheel! And now we saw it at E3 as well!

Team VVV about the new racing wheel:

The wheel itself looks great, with attention to detail and a nice, smooth matte look on the rim. Chrome knobs at the corners of the wheel interior appear to act as redundant PS4 face buttons – indicated by the outline of colour on each knob. The base is naturally curved with the design completed with a small vent on either side, which might indicate some sort of cooling mechanism in the wheel.

The aesthetics of the accessory look to be loosely based on GT5’s official wheel – the Driving Force GT – complete with the GT logo in the centre of the rim. The paddle-shifters on the rear look very unique, not following the form of any Thrustmaster wheel to date with a floating effect, while the shifters themselves coming across rigid and edgy in design.

Kazunori Yamauchi  (game designer, professional racing driver, CEO of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series) says this wheel will be "Direct Drive", which means meaning that the motor shaft is directly linked to the wheel itself without the use of belts and gears. A main positive in Kazunori’s eyes for this is that it generates high torque from the motor, and the torque is stable. The stability of the torque is something Polyphony Digital found important, pointing out that there are no wheels currently on the market that have a linear torque pattern, which is something the new GT Sport wheel will look to include.

When this new Thrustmaster GT will be released is unknown, but as soon as it is available, you can get it at PlayseatStore!

Thrustmaster Gran Turismo Sport