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Here’s our whole range of seats. These are all simulators, and we’ve got a different one for every type of gamer. They all help you feel like you’re actually IN the game as you move in perfect synch with whatever you’re flying, racing or playing. It took us decades to design the ideal simulator for you. We’ve developed them with top pro drivers and sporters, yet we still wake up every day to get better at our craft of making the Playseat® gaming chair that’s absolutely perfect for YOU.

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We make chairs for fanatics. You know the type. They don’t PLAY games. They get sucked in. This is the feeling that drives us as we create world-class simulators. We’ve been doing this a long time so we’ve even thought of the little details that make you a better sim racer or gamer.


Our chairs are available in durable leather-like vinyl and our new Playseat® ActiFit™ material. It's the ultimate gaming fabric. Our ActiFit™ fabric consists of vertical microfibers that move the air. When the gaming session get heated, you stay cool during the most intense gaming sessions. In fact, it’s more than just the fabric that makes it feel real. Get behind the wheel in our single-seater F1 simulator, and you could even feel like you’re on the final lap of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Into the games as much as the drivers? Fans of Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, NASCAR and WRC will love and perhaps need our officially licensed chairs. Pro drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Charles LeClerc, Valtteri Bottas and even the youngest F1 driver ever Max Verstappen have worked with us to design them, and they all say we’ve nailed the position and feel. Thanks, guys. Also, all our gaming chairs including Max’s favourite, the F1 simulator, are compatible with all wheels and pedals on the market.


But it doesn't stop at racing simulators. Oh, no. We also do flight simulators. This means that for pilots everywhere, there’s no limit. Not even the sky. If you want to play more upright, we make chairs for you too. These can be used for work as well as gaming. When you slip into after-hours mode, you can game for hours. And at the end of your session, you’ll realise that some of our seats are foldable and easy to store till your next session. Tomorrow?  

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Compatible with all wheels and pedals