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We’ve found success by majoring on the minor. That means no detail is too insignificant. It’s this thinking that’s helped us create some of the best sim racing accessories out there. Do you need to fit a gearshift or TV to your sim racing rig? Maybe you’re just a seat slider from being able to properly embarrass your friends? Suggestion: Make a list. Title it “My Ultimate List Of Sim Racing Accessories” or maybe something more catchy? If there’s something on the list we don’t actually make yet, maybe you’ll inspire us to design something totally new for you?

15 items

To strive toward perfection, we must always be tinkering. Tinkering — what a fine fun word that is. It’s the best word to describe how we make our sim racing accessories, in fact. We tinker. We toy. We play around with new ways to make the best ever racing set-up for you.


For example, we tinkered with the design of our monitor stand and, hey presto, we created something we think is better than anything out there. But wait, what about the triple monitor stand? One lightbulb moment later and we made that better too. Anything to help both budding and expert sim racers feel like they’re actually IN the game. That’s what we’re about. 


The thing is — we must approach everything through the eyes of the fanatic. Once a hardcore fan buys the perfect chair, they feel almost compelled to add on the perfect seat slider or gearshift to their cockpit. Of course, it often starts with a sim racing monitor stand, but then, it continues. Sim racers must keep up with their fellow racers and whatever gives them a slight advantage — whatever helps them shave a half-second off their race times — well, it’s worth it for them. And we must always keep improving our sim racing accessories or we will lose their attention. That would be tragic as it’s the fanatical sim racer that helps us convert all the casual racers and keeps us on our toes improving everything always.

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Compatible with all wheels and pedals